Appoint, Schedule & Manage Work

In the most efficient & effective way

Driving efficiencies in your housing organisation and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction do not have to be mutually exclusive. They can actually go hand in hand to deliver the best possible service efficiently and effectively.

Kirona has a proven track record in enabling social housing providers to deliver a highly responsive and effective service to tenants while ensuring the greatest value for money.

We do this using our market leading Dynamic Resource Scheduling software and Mobile Workforce Management solutions which allow social housing organisations to appoint, schedule and manage work in the optimum way.

Mobile Workforce Solutions for Social Housing Providers

How we help our clients in the

Social Housing Sector

Deliver exceptional service to tenants
Drive service efficiencies
Optimise resources and productivity
Manage the emerging day
Keep field workers connected

Delivering Exceptional Service To Tenants

Mobile Workforce Solutions for social housing providers
help many of the leading housing associations, social landlords and ALMOSs to deliver exceptional service to their tenants in a highly productive and effective manner.

When a tenant calls, either to request a repair or to arrange for you to conduct maintenance work, our DRS Scheduler software allows an appointment to be made with the customer, then and there, at the first point of contact. You also need to be careful to balance customer preferences for appointments with optimising resource utilisation and minimising travel time of operatives. When presenting available appointment slots to be offered to customers, DRS Scheduler highlights the most efficient slots in terms of resource utilisation and travel time.

Optimising Resources & Productivity

It is a fundamental objective of any housing organisation to deliver a service that is considered ‘value for money’. Value for money is about delivering the best possible service in the most efficient manner. It is about identifying non-productive areas of your operation such as no-access visits, and addressing these. It is about identifying inefficiencies in processes and reducing everyday overheads such as travel costs.

Kirona are leaders in enabling the housing sector to deliver a highly responsive and effective service to tenants while ensuring they work in a highly efficient manner. To learn more read our eBook: How Dynamic Resource Scheduling & Mobile Working Can Help You Keep Your Promises To Be Cost Effective.

Driving Service Efficiencies

Our Mobile Workforce Solutions for social housing providers drive efficiencies across every housing service that utilises a field based workforce, including housing repairs, housing maintenance, estate inspections, tenancy visits, arrears management and other property services.

Managing The Emerging Day

No two days can be the same and it is common for events in the day, including emergency work, to require changes to the schedule. The sooner you know that a job is overrunning, the easier it is for you to cater for this. The same is true for delays in travel or unexpected availability through no-access.

By utilising Kirona’s Job Manager as your mobile working
solution integrated into RS Scheduler, you gain full visibility of the work being performed in the
field. You can see in real-time potential delays and the
impact that this will have on your intra-day schedule.

Keeping Field Workers Connected

By failing to have visibility of operations in the field, health
bodies are at risk of losing control of services and funding. Kirona Workflow Management Systems for healthcare connect your field-based health and social care workers to the systems and information they need when they need it.

Mobilising field based workers with Kirona Job Manager means processes are instantly streamlined. The information that district nurses, reablement teams and carers require is presented to them on their mobile device. They can capture information during their visits and this information is then By automatically and immediately uploaded to centralised systems, allowing them to communicate seamlessly with office-based coordinators.

North Lanarkshire Council Logo

“an Inspector’s best-day performance prior to the technology was 15 visits. Now the average is now 20. We also gained annual savings of £400k on outgoing calls and £250k on postage”

Robert Forman, Service Manager, Business Process Change & Improvement, North Lanarkshire Council

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“We saw the benefits and efficiencies from implementing DRS in our repairs’ services and of course we are proud of delivering 99.8% satisfaction with customers on the repairs side.”

Elaine Pierce, IT Manager, Wigan and Leigh Housing Company

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