Mobile Workforce Efficiency

Through Planning, Scheduling & Mobile Technology

Kirona enables organisations working in the utilties sector to address the key pressures facing the industry; safely manage assets, maximise production and reliability; minimise outages and control operating costs, whilst managing the challenges of legacy paper-based systems, managing aging infrastructure, and workforce turnover.

We do this by working with organisations to configure our field service management solutions to meet their needs and meet their SLAs. We enable organisations to optimise their use of mobile workforce and plant resources across multiple projects and tasks, and to have real-time visibility of progress against each item of work.

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"Best-in-class field service organisations achieve on average a 14.4% year-on-year improvement in workforce productivity compared to a 4.1% industry average."

What we do for clients in the

Utilities Sector

Aligning available resources (both human and equipment)
Dynamically reschedule for work completed ahead of schedule or overruns
Connect every worker and supervisor on site with your centralised systems
Gain real-time visibility of daily activity and progress against the schedule
Track performance against plans, taking corrective action where necessary

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How to get the most out of your mobile workforce

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