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Return on Investment

We deploy our technology to deliver your desired outcomes.

Why Kirona? We approach each project by first defining your desired business outcomes, we then apply our solutions to your business to enable tangible business return. Kirona consistently deliver on three common business outcomes, we reduce costs, enable significant productivity increases and allow you to improve the service you deliver to your customers.

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Innovative & Holistic Solution

Providing a Comprehensive Suite of Field Service Automation Software.

We believe that we lead the industry in product innovation, our mobile solution is designed for multi-platform, our dynamic scheduling is all encompassing and our analytics deliver true actionable intelligence for our clients.

Individually our applications deliver true value, but collectively, they deliver a complete solution to manage and automate field service and this is how we consistently deliver unrivalled business impact.


System Agnostic

Kirona’s workforce management software can be used stand-alone or can be fully integrated into your organisation’s existing systems and applications.

kirona products

Scalable & Flexible Consumption

We believe that our solutions should be accessible by any field service organisation regardless of size. That is why we have created scalable applications that are priced on a per user basis. This enables even the smallest of field service operations to generate immediate return from investment.

What is more, we acknowledge that different organisations look to consume software in different ways and as such, we provide our applications either as an upfront software purchase or as a pay-as-you-use service.


Experts In Field Service

We have made it our business to truly understand and apply this knowledge to what constitutes operational excellence in field service  every project we undertake. We are proud of the team we have developed at Kirona that combines technical expertise with many years of operation experience. This ability to apply technology, proven across over 300 projects, and our consistency in generating tangible business outcomes is a true differentiator.